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About Us

As a team of avid students, everyday concealed carriers and machinists we have seen a need to increase the ability to manipulate our handguns under high stress and worst case scenario situations. Whether you are Military, Law Enforcement or concealed carrier our mission is to provide you with every advantage possible that could be used in order to win the fight and save lives. Our serration designs give you a higher capability to perform one handed and two handed manipulations under various conditions. Most importantly we stand behind our products and refuse to put our name on anything but the best.

Have an idea of something you want done special? IGFS is known for it's radius side serrations, but we can do almost anything you may want with your firearm. Call us today to get a quote for your custom creations.
With our years of experience IGFS is offering a full line of polymer framework. From chops to reduce grip size as well as contouring and stippling we can make sure your gun is fit perfect for your needs and your body.
Tin-X, Nitride, DLC, POE, and so much more. If the coating exists we have access to it. From designer solutions to increased hardness and the lowest coefficient of friction our coating processes make highly functional works of art.

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